Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Chance to Vote for the American Title V Winner!

Okay, I promise this is the absolute last time I will nag you about voting for the American Title Contest. Today is the last (final! ultimate! ain't no more!) day of voting. I've heard some scuttlebutt that this is the last year Romantic Times and Dorchester are going to do the American Title Contest. Which means this may very well be your last chance ever to let your vote be heard!


And just in case you're still fence sitting... here are a few words from my fellow Seattle-ite, American Title Finalist Marie-Claude Bourque:

My entire life, I thought that writing was such a far-fetched dream that it would never be for me. I chose a "serious" life instead pushing that dream aside. After 4 sciences degrees, motherhood and 15 years in the fitness business helping other achieve their weight-loss dreams, I took a chance. For 6 months, I carved time every morning by getting up at 5 am to write a book. This book is ANCIENT WHISPERS. It is now [just a few votes] away from being published.

I believe that life is so short that we have to give our dream a chance. My dream is to see my name on the cover of a paperback romance novel.

Help Marie-Claude achieve her dream!

If you missed the ANCIENT WHISPERS Book Trailer on the blog last week, click here for a look back.

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