Friday, March 27, 2009

Interviewed at Musetrackers!

Oh, jeez, I'm a moron! I thought I posted this earlier, but apparently not. Note to self: Publish post. Do not save post. Arg. I keep doing that! Okay, one more time:

American Title V Finalist Marie-Claude Bourque interviewed me today over at Musetracks! Come on over and say hello!

And if you haven't already voted get over to the American Title website and cast your ballot! (Marie-Claude Bourque Ancient Whispers Marie-Claude Bourque Ancient Whispers Marie-Claude Bourque Ancient Whispers <- You like my oh-so-subtle subliminal messages?) Don't delay! Voting ends Sunday!

1 comment:

Vivant said...

Excellent interview! Musetrackers appears to indulge in much longer interviews than most I've seen, but yours is a great example of how well they're done.

I read another interview on that site about contest advice and experience...very interesting.