Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exterminatrix Unleashed!

It’s here, boys and girls! The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story is now available in print! It’s on shelves! In bookstores! And wouldn’t you know I’m halfway around the world and don’t get to see it with my own eyes? Oh, the tragedy! Poor, poor, pitiful me.

Luckily, I have you, my beloved reader-minions. This week we’re having a bribe contest for people who send me photographic evidence of The Ghost Exterminator on bookstore shelves. I’ll pick three winners – the first, the goofiest, and the luckiest. To win the First, you have to be the first one to send me a picture of my book on the shelves to contest@viviandrews.com. To win the Goofiest, just be the one hamming it up the most while holding a copy of the book or standing in front of the display, drawing ungodly amounts of attention to yourself. To win the luckiest, just send a pic and I’ll draw one lucky winner at the end of the week.

What, you may be asking, will you win? Winners will get their choice of a signed print copy of The Ghost Exterminator (when I get back to the country and open my box of copies – sorry for the delay), an advanced ebook copy of either The Naked Detective or No Angel, or the chance to pick a character name in Karma’s book (some restrictions apply – like no naming a character after your ex husband just because you know it would piss him off. No real person names, folks. Unless it’s yours and then there may be waivers involved. Just sayin’.)

So get your cameras (your cell phones or anything else that captures images) and get thee to the bookstore! I’m dying to see what you guys come up with.

**The fine print: By sending me your picture, you are giving me permission to post it here on the blog, the website, or on Facebook or Twitter. Contest runs until November 13th, so if you need time to gather props or plan your assault on the bookstore, you have ten days, boys and girls. Void where prohibited.**

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Kali said...

So I was checking online to see if my B&N stocked GE...and I noticed they have the wrong synopsis listed with your book.
They didn't want to tell me if it was in the store so I'm off to brave the snow to find out.