Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naked Clash

Do you like the cover art for The Naked Detective? (Over there in the sidebar... sadly still having trouble getting pics to load to the flipping blog from here.)

Did you know that you can vote for The Naked Detective (or one of three other really gorgeous covers) over at the Embrace the Shadows Cover Clash this month? Well, you can, boys and girls! Yes, you! Just hie yourself on over to: And let the voting commence!

Also today, in honor of The Ghost Exterminator's PRINT RELEASE (squee!) I'll be (trying really hand to find an internet connection that is somewhat reliable for) visiting the Samhain Cafe today in full on promo mode. Which means... excerpts! Random chatting! And... perhaps... a giveaway? Perhaps? I might be talked into it. (Provided I can find a good connection. Cross your fingers!)

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Vivi Andrews said...

I am so sorry to everyone I missed at the Samhain Cafe today. Alice Springs, I have found, is not a font of internet-iness. It is, in fact, really freaking hard to get online here. Tomorrow I'm at Uluru, where I expect the situation will be even more dire.