Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sexorcist Rocks the Romance Studio

Hello from Sydney! I'm back in the land of internet and guess what I found? A shiny new review for the Sexorcist from The Romance Studio! Five Hearts, y'all! Check out the awesome:
"The plot... forces Brittany and Luis together so they can discover what lies below the surface as they explore their inexplicable attraction to each other. Not even the cold water they get doused with multiple times is enough to cool the heat between the two of them. Sparks fly whenever they're together and only get hotter once they give in to their attraction. This is a completely pleasurable, well written story full of humor and wit with a very satisfying ending."
Can I get a woohoo, boys and girls?

So if you just discovered Karmic Consultants (and me) with The Ghost Shrink or The Ghost Exterminator (now in print!) let me just say Hello New People! Come on by and introduce yourselves! And check out the next Karmic caper in The Sexorcist, now available in ebook and coming to print in March!

(T-minus nine days to The Naked Detective!)

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Vivant said...

Woohoo and congrats on the awesome review!

Can't wait for The Naked Detective.