Sunday, November 14, 2010

Naked Newsflash & Win an ARC!

It's Naked Detective week, boys and girls! And what better way to launch the release frenzy than with a sparkly new review! Literary Nymphs reviews have obliged us with a lovely 4.5 Nymph review!

Observe, the awesome:
The Naked Detective is the 4th book in Vivi Andrews’ Karmic Consultants series and it’s slated for release on November 16, 2010. It’s another great addition to this fun and fast paced series and it had me chuckling on the very first page.
For the full review, CLICK HERE.

And for a chance to win a copy of The Naked Detective before it hits stores, just leave a comment here by midnight (Pacific) and tell me one of your stories about 1) Gettin' Nekkid (let's keep it PG-13 folks), 2) Atlantic City, or 3) Dunk Tanks.

And if you're wondering "Why dunk tanks?", check out the excerpt of The Naked Detective HERE.


Kali said...

Sooo, since you're in New Zealand I'll give you a nekkid story. It connects, really!
I was in New Zealand the summer before my Junior year of high school with a large group of students. We were in Rotorua (omg, that place smelled awful!), and for once we were staying in a nice hotel. It had a pool, which in the world of 16 yr olds equals nice. Anyway, the Idaho students started calling the Alaska students wimps and the whole episode ended with a challenge to see which state would yield the most nekkid students in the pool after bed-checks. This was June in New Zealand, it wasn't warm, so skinny dipping was a good test of wimpy-ness.
Yeah...I was the only one there without clothing. So Alaska won...

I already pre-ordered your book, and I just won a contest so this is a story just to get things started :)

Linda Henderson said...

Well, my only naked story is about the time I was taking a shower and when I came out of the bathroom, naked, my husband had one of his friends over and it was very uncomfortable seeing him after that .

seriousreader at live dot com

rita said...

Just nekked in the pool working on the good luck mojo for my Sistas.

keatonkat said...

nekkid brings back fond memories of skinny-dipping in the public swimming pool with a friend after hours...

FredTownWard said...

After ransacking my memories, I am forced to admit that I've never been to Atlantic City, never been in a dunk tank, and never been naked under circumstances that would provide an amusing story.

Apparently my entire life up until now has been a complete and total waste of time.

However, perhaps I can begin to turn things around by winning, reading, and reviewing an ARC of "Naked Detective".

Sure, it's a long shot, but what other chance have I got?

kittykelly28 said...

Hmm...well when I started dating the man who is now my hubby I was staying at his house with his mom and brother for the summer. I was 18 he was 20 and his brother was 15. I was getting dressed and talking to my man well he walked out of his roomand I followed him grabing a shirt and pulling it over my head while walking out of his room. Yeah his brother and two of his friends were standing right there and got a full on boob shot. One of his friends said, "Dude I love going to your house" oh geex that was embarassing but at least they thouhgt I was hot (back then that is). lol

kittykelly28 @

Beth said...

Never had an embarrassing nekkid moment(only sexy ones and you said to keep it PG-13), never been to New Zealand.
Have been on the seat of a dunk tank though. For a fair in high school. It was a breezy day so after the first dunking I took I was very cold. And the water was cold and greenish in color(it came from the pond near the end of the football field). Thank God I only got dunked three times in my 30 min shift on the seat.
Can't wait to read the new book.

Cathy M said...

Well I once got volunteered (read conned), by my kids to work the dunk tank at one of their school carnivals. By working, I thought they meant taking tickets, but no, they thought it would be really funny to see Mom sitting on that little bench over the water. Because, after all, no one in third grade could throw the ball hard enough to actually hit the release button, so they knew I would be safe.

Then my little darlings got a bunch of 5th graders over to throw, and of course they hit the release, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Never seen my kids laugh so hard, but I was totally miserable, and plotting my revenge.

A whole week of peanut butter and jelly for lunch, and they had to dust all the furniture in the house. I think they got off pretty easy. Though after all these years, it still brings a smile to my face.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

gigis said...

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Atlantic City one weekend and had a friend who got us a suite in one of the hotels. We went out had a nice dinner, gambled and went back to the room where he proposed to me and that was Though there was the time we almost got caught skinny dipping in the hotel pool on our honeymoon ;)


Cynnara Tregarth said...

*tries to make comment pg13* I went back to my private journals for this story, because well-- there were name changes and people to protect for this. It does take place in Atlantic City and there's some naked moments in there.

I had gone to Atlantic City as a favor to one of my friends who is a professional dominatrix. She asked me to take care of this specific client, one I had helped her with before and she had warned him I'd be there in her place. What she hadn't warned me of was that they'd been working on one of his fetishes- water balloons.

I arrive in my hotel room, prepping for his arrival and I see the small package of balloons that Cara has packed for me. With it is a long detailed note. I'm shaking my head and wondering how on earth I'm going to pull this off in a hotel room and not destroy the carpet, get kicked out of the casino and more importantly, manage to make her client happy.

So, I call down to the front desk to ask about tarps. Instead, they upgrade me to a room that has a bathroom the size of my living room of my apartment. Let's just say, after all that, I was able to indulge the client in popping water balloons all over his body and other fun things. But for a while there, I wondered just how much it would cost me all because of a package of 50 water balloons.

flchen1 said...

LOL! Getting nekkid? I don't have any good stories about that (or maybe I've blocked them out) but we have a couple cute mini movies of our kids running shrieking through the house doing their self-titled "nekkid dance"--they may not appreciate this footage as they get older, but it sure is a scream rewatching them now ;) Haven't been to Atlantic City, but it sounds like it might be fun to visit... and no real experience with dunk tanks, thankfully! ;)