Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gettin' Yer Giggle On

Good morning (afternoon, time of day of choice), darlings! In the exciting week of excitedness (<--yeah, I'm making it a word) for all things Nekkid! we have the nod from Mrs. Giggles on the latest Karmic caper:
The Naked Detective is another fun entry into the author's Karmic Consultants series, which is shaping up to be one big ball of prime entertainment so far.
Prime entertainment! Prime! I'm all aflutter. Here's the linky goodness if you'd like to peruse the whole review: CLICK ME!

**Travel update: My time in New Zealand is dwindling, which is cause for much sadness since I haven't had nearly enough time on the North Island. However, also cause for much rejoicing because it means Thanksgiving is coming! Soon to be returning stateside...


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