Saturday, November 20, 2010


There are two questions I get asked more often than any others. 1) When is Zoe’s story coming out? And 2) When is Karma’s book coming out? The answer to number two is still, “After I finish writing it.” (Yeah, sorry, I’m a slacker.) But the answer to number one has changed!

We have a contract, ladies and gents!

There are approximately eleven million steps in the publication process and this is just one of them, but now – thanks to my goddess editor – I have a rough guestimate of the release date of Zoe & Tyler’s Serengeti Sunrise! Early Summer 2011! I know, it’s forever. Patience is a virtue, so try to be virtuous. Or at least patient.

Can I get a woohoo for the Sunrise, y’all?


Moonsanity said...

Wooo-hoooo! By the way, I bought The Naked Detective and LOVED it:) Seriously, it was so good. I'll get a review up as soon as I can. This last stretch of NaNo is kicking my butt.

Congrats on Zoe & Tyler's book:)



almond-mocha said...

wooohooo! i've been following those stories and therefore i could officially say i'm a big fan!!!! :D

just finished reading The Naked Detective. i liked it although it felt like it fell short on the romance part unlike the 1st 3 books on the series. still, i'm looking forward to reading more of your books. more power to you. and gosh, i envy the fact that your traveling all over the world. how fun!!

congrats on the next book coming out and more power to you!

Vivi Andrews said...

Good luck with NaNo, Moonsanity, and so glad you liked the Nekkidness!

Thanks for the congrats, almond-mocha, and I hope you like the next one! :)