Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Thankful For...


I love you, reader-folk.

I popped online for a moment on Thanksgiving and saw that people were posting on Twitter about all the things they were thankful for. All I could think of to post was "Everything."

I love that I'm able to write and there are people who enjoy what I put out. I love my fabulous family and marvelous friends. I love the freedom to take hella awesome trips where serendipity gives me the most amazing experiences.

But mostly, I'm back to number one again. I love that there are people who "get" the books.

Favorite holiday anecdote: My family was sitting around talking story after attempting to clog our arteries with a single meal and you know what my cousin told me? That her friend who lives in Ireland's roommate is so in love with my books she wouldn't leave her room for days and just closeted herself and read. I about passed out from joy.

Now, I'm thinking there might be some hyperbole at work here, but I don't care if the story has been exaggerated in the telling. I love that chick in Ireland.

So if you are my cousin's friend's roommate, you rock. And if you aren't, you also rock. I'm thankful for YOU.

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